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the attack on law-abiding gun owners

"When innocent lives are taken in school shootings or other mass tragedies, we should come together, as a nation, mourn with the families and friends who lost their loved ones, and in time discuss how this could have been prevented." Read full article

Radical gun grabbers can't have an honest discussion

"Because the gun debate is one of the most heated, pressing political issues of our time, calm and rational discussions need to happen for us to find common ground on gun rights and gun control. Sadly, too many liberals refuse to partake." Read full article

yes, an "assault weapons" ban is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

"First and foremost, the term “Assault-Weapon” is a made up term by the gun control lobby to strike fear into the hearts and minds of Americans..." - Read full article

When dating apps like Bumble ban gun pictures, they're banning American values

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Kroger, and L.L Bean have all recently hopped on the gun control bandwagon by refusing rifle sales to patrons under 21 years old. Now, the world of dating apps has joined them, too..." - Read full article


To reduce shootings, look for better ideas beyond gun control

Chicago, one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, saw a drop in homicides from 771 in 2016 to 650 in 2017. And police are thanking new technology, not gun control..." - Read full article


Know the facts: Anti-gun activists utilize emotional grief to line their pockets

The Second Amendment is under siege now more than ever. Every day, we see more assaults made on our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms..." - Read full article


Another reason to support gun rights: Protection from the rise of Antifa

"Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Leaders on both sides, including far left House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, have condemned their domestic terrorist violence..." - Read full article

Imagine gun rights under president hillary

"As Hillary Clinton starts her book tour to discuss “What Happened,” many are taking a moment to reflect on how different the country may be if she had won the 2016 Presidential election. Some projections are simply speculation, but we can be sure that her actions towards curbing gun rights would have been drastic..." - Read full article


right age for children to start shooting guns

"Children are taught basic life lessons starting at an early age: look both ways before you cross the street, don’t touch the stove, don’t play with matches, don’t talk to strangers, etc..." - Read full article

Don't like guns? Not my problem. 

"People in this country have a constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” and if you don’t like people owning guns, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s time that people understand the simple concept that constitutional rights will always outweigh personal feelings..." - Read full article

gun control advocates fill their pockets with emotional grief

"The Second Amendment is under siege now more than ever. Every day, we see more assaults made on our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms..." - Read full article 


Murder of reporters and gun control debate

"Attorney George Lyon of our law firm appeared on Fox News' Washington, DC affiliate this evening to address gun control issues in light of today's murder of two TV journalists during a live broadcast near Roanoake, Virginia..." - Read full article


Why DC needs a gun range

"Washington has not had a public shooting range since the NRA left the District to go to Virginia many years ago. Now that hand guns and some semi-automatic rifles are legal in D.C., it’s time D.C., again has a public range..." - Read full article


A living constitution offers no support for gun control

"A recent discussion on gun control with a couple of neighbors who would happily label themselves as liberals, included the statement from one of them that, “I believe in a living Constitution.”..." - Read full article


D.C. would be safer with concealed carry

"George Lyon has never been a victim of violent crime in D.C., but he does remember the case of Sharon Moskowitz, the 25-year-old who in 1997 was strangled and killed as she walked into her home on Biltmore Street in Adams Morgan, where Lyon has lived for over two decades..." - Read full article