Know the facts: Anti-gun activists utilize emotional grief to line their pockets


The Second Amendment is under siege now more than ever. Every day, we see more assaults made on our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. 

Radical gun-grabbing organizations like Moms Demand ActionEverytown for Gun Safety, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are just a few of the national organizations that seek to take away law abiding citizens’ guns, and it’s not much better at the university level. There’s a Student Pledge Against Gun Violence and a campaign to “ Keep Guns Off Campus.” In many cases, students cannot exercise their recognized rights just because they step foot on campus. 

These radical organizations employ misleading phrases to win over new supporters such as " Secure freedom from gun violence", " Disarm Hate," and " take common-sense steps to save lives". However, they don’t tell you what gun-grabbers’ real intentions are. 

These organizations carefully craft phrases they know will cause an emotional response from Americans. It's all propaganda used to fill their pockets and combat their boogeyman: the National Rifle Association. 

Disclaimer: I'm not an NRA member — however, the constant assault on the NRA is ridiculous. The anti-gun left uses national tragedies, like the Las Vegas massacre, to recruit new support and make money off of the darkest moments in our country. It’s sickening. It also shows how truly desperate these groups are for support. 

As soon as a tragedy occurs, groups like Moms Demand Action ask grief-stricken citizens to text a number in order to donate to their anti-gun crusades, instead of rallying around the victims who need the support most. 

They know it’s not the NRA's fault if a person decides to kill another person. It's the criminal’s finger pulling the trigger, not the NRA's (or any other pro-Second Amendment organization). However, because they know their messaging will resonate in the grieving hearts of Americans, they continue to deploy their sick tactics. 

If we take a step back, this assault isn't solely against the NRA; it's an assault on our Second Amendment rights and the Constitution as a whole. Where does the madness stop? 

Campuses have stripped students of both their freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Only just recently has the spotlight shown the egregious problems we see on campus when it comes to free speech and the First Amendment. Students are having to fight back — in a big way — in order to re-secure their First Amendment rights. In the same way, we must be wise to the attack on the Second Amendment and find ways to lobby to restore and maintain our Second Amendment rights. 

Their leading crusade is the demand for stronger background checks. Which, by the way, gun control leader Sen. Dianne Feinstein says has not worked. The rest of their attacks are built on empty lies purposefully meant to misinform Americans so that they’ll rally around the call for stricter gun control. 

Moms Demand Action states on their website: "We are educating, motivating, and mobilizing supporters to take action that will result in stronger laws and policies to save lives." 

In other words, stricter gun control that would make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms which they could use for self-defense. 

The continued assaults of these organizations seek to turn gun owners and supporters into social outcasts. Just as the left on campus has sought to ostracize conservative students, for those who take the bait, gun ownership is viewed as an offensive life choice instead of an individual right. 

At the end of the day, gun rights are not about Democrat vs. Republican, liberal vs. conservative, or any other stereotype or sub-grouping. They're about our Constitutional rights as Americans and the right to defend ourselves against those who seek to do us harm. 

Those who wish to advocate for common sense gun rights and combat emotional, knee-jerk reactions can learn more by our nation’s leading gun experts.