Another reason to support gun rights: Protection from the rise of Antifa


Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Leaders on both sides, including far left House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, have condemned their domestic terrorist violence. 

This radical group of extremists uses tactics of coercion, fear and any other means of necessary force to achieve their goals. However, what Antifa fails to realize is that through their uncivilized tactics, they’re strengthening the case for the gun rights.

The Second Amendment was written into our country’s hallowed Constitution not only to protect law-abiding citizens from a tyrannical government, but also from those who wish to do harm. Antifa’s mode of operation is just that; they cause harm to fellow Americans in the hopes that their mission might be achieved.

While Antifa is out in the streets wreaking havoc, hurting people, and dividing the country, what are law-abiding citizens to do for protection? They need to arm themselves with firearms and prepare for the worst-case scenario. Thankfully for law-abiding citizens, they have the Constitution on their side. In 2008, the United States Supreme Court ruled in DC v. Heller that law-abiding citizens have the Constitutional right to defend themselves with firearms.

Despite the United States Supreme Court ruling in Heller, there are still heavy restrictions on where and how law-abiding citizens may defend themselves with firearms. With Antifa’s proven ability to cause harm to law-abiding citizens through violent protests, state legislatures and Congress could take pro-gun legislation more seriously.

According to “Forming An Antifa Group: A Manual” on, a leading anarchist news and analysis site, members are to “know the makeup of key players” of white nationalist, Far Right, and fascist groups, along with encouraging members to “take down” Far Right propaganda. The manual divulges their self-defense methods and practices, which includes an entire separate manual dedicated to carrying guns.   

This website, which is one of many, encourages its members to exercise violent tactics and arm themselves in the face of opposing ideologies.

This presents state legislatures and Congress with a very pressing issue. The threat of Antifa is real; they demonstrate their violent capabilities every time a counter protest is organized. This in addition to Antifa manuals requiring its groups to “expose” members of Far Right and other groups presents state legislatures and Congress with the opportunity to advance the gun rights cause.

State legislatures and Congress have the responsibility to ensure the safety of all Americans. As stated in Heller, law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves with a firearm, but now they need State Legislatures and Congress to pass laws that will give them the ability to exercise that Constitutional right. The time has never been more pressing.