National stories of everyday armed citizens stopping crime.


Armed Suspect Shoots 3 People, Concealed Carrier Shoots And Successfully Stops Suspect. Read the full story here: Fox News Link

An armed citizen in Trenton, Mo., used his concealed firearm to help assist an officer in need., Trenton, Mo.

Police: Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Trying To Force His Way Into House

Things turned violent at a St. Louis gas station one Wednesday afternoon, when a carjacker attempted to take off in a still-running vehicle. When the car's owner confronted the man, the thief pointed a gun in his direction, causing the man to act. The vehicle owner drew his own gun, exchanging gunfire with the thief and striking him in the pelvis. The thief fled the scene to a hospital. There were no other injuries.
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri)

Home intruder met his demise when he broke into CA home with law-abiding armed homeowners. (, Glendale, California)

In Lumberton, N.C., two men entered a home early in the evening. The two located the tenant of the residence inside the home’s garage, which was in the back yard. The pair confronted the man with the intent to rob him, but were unprepared when the tenant drew his own gun and shot one of the suspects in the leg.

In Tuscaloosa, Ala., a 43-year-old man returned to his girlfriend’s home early in the morning. The man had left after police were summoned to the residence on a domestic dispute call. The man came back several hours later under the pretense of collecting his property. A second fight took place between him and his girlfriend, who was seated in a car with her children. Apparently the man threatened to kill the woman during the fight. Meanwhile, a teenage boy inside the residence heard the fight and retrieved a handgun from the home. The youth went outside, where he found the man threatening to kill the woman as he assaulted her. The youth confronted the man, who continued to attack the woman. The youth then defended the woman by firing several shots that struck the man, who died from his injuries. Although police were investigating the case, they did not intend to file any charges against the youth, according to media reports. (, Birmingham, Ala., 5/1/19)

While driving at 3 a.m. around the Chicago Loop, a Volkswagen rear-ended a BMW. The BMW owner exited his vehicle to look at the damage on the back of his car and returned to the driver’s side to retrieve his cell phone. While his back was turned, the man didn’t see the other driver, armed with a gun, approach and push him into the BMW in an attempted carjacking. The carjacker demanded the keys, and a struggle ensued. The BMW driver retrieved his concealed firearm from the car’s interior and shot the would-be carjacker in the head. The wounded man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. –

At a gas station in Mount Clemons, Mich., a clerk and several customers were inside the store when a masked gunman came into the building. The thief demanded money from the clerk and the customers. In response, the clerk pulled out a firearm and shot the suspect near the front door. Clinton Township, Mich., 4/24/19)


A jitney driver said he feared for his life in Duquesne, Pa. during an ordeal in April. The driver picked up a man and a woman. The driver described feeling something amiss when the man suddenly told him to take a side alley before requesting a stop. The man told the driver he intended to rob him and struck the driver between the eyes with his gun. Bleeding, the driver left his vehicle while pursued by the man, who was pointing a gun. Cornered and fearing for his life, the driver pulled out his concealed firearm and shot at the would-be robber three times. Police were called and found the assailant dead at the scene. The woman fled. The driver had a permit and was not charged by police. (, Pittsburgh) 

Homeowner ordered attempting intruder to leave. Refusing, the man reached his arm through the pet door to grab the doorknob and unlock it. However, the homeowner knocked away the man’s arm. Then the man began throwing rocks at the door before breaking a window. The homeowner warned the man repeatedly that he had a gun and would shoot in defense. Undeterred, the man eventually unlocked the back door, and yelled as he entered. The armed citizen fired his pistol once, striking the man in the leg in an apparent effort to stop him. As the man fell to the floor, the homeowner subdued him until police arrived. Criminal charges were pending against the intruder, who was treated at a hospital for his leg wound. (, Oro Valley, Ariz.)

In Milwaukee, an armed robbery turned fatal one night in mid-March. A man is accused of making arrangements with a woman to buy her computer and associated digital watch. He allegedly told the woman, to make her feel more at ease, that his girlfriend would handle the transaction. Police said the man gave his girlfriend a gun, which she pulled out while entering the woman’s car, where the items were. Both women struggled over the gun. As the girlfriend began to retreat from the car, she fired shots at the woman. However, the woman was a concealed-carry permit holder; she retrieved her own firearm and fired back, striking and killing the girlfriend. Police determined the incident was self-defense. As a result, the man was charged with felony murder involving the death of his girlfriend. (  

In a reported home invasion in Chattanooga, Tenn., a man was doing laundry in his residence when a would-be robber entered through the front door, spoke briefly to the homeowner, and then let two other men into the residence. The would-be robber took a pistol from one accomplice and demanded money from the homeowner. Surprising the apparent robbers, the homeowner retrieved a gun from underneath a couch cushion in the living room and fired several times at the men. One man was struck by a bullet and died. A physical struggle ensued between the homeowner and the first man who entered the residence, while the third fled. The homeowner broke free and ran into his bedroom. At that time, the first would-be robber apparently ran off. Police located both suspects and charged them with aggravated robbery. (, Chattanooga, Tenn.)

A county magistrate in Carlsbad, N.M., was in the parking lot behind the county courthouse when he noticed a man rummaging around inside a clerk’s car. Concerned, the magistrate went back into the building to ask the clerk if a person was supposed to be in her car. When she told him “No,” the magistrate returned to the parking lot. There, the magistrate said he observed the man behaving oddly. The magistrate—a retired 28-year sheriff’s detective—drew his concealed firearm and ordered the man to get down on his knees. The magistrate held him there until police arrived. The man was charged with attempted burglary. (, Albuquerque, N.M.)