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Brief history

Students for the Second Amendment was founded in 2014 at the University of Delaware by Tyler Yzaguirre, and made successful with the help of his Executive Board and the Leadership Institute.


From its early beginnings, SF2A was already making national headlines. In September 2015, SF2A hosted Fox News contributor and New York Time’s Best Selling author, Katie Pavlich. This event was attended by 350 people including students and local residents. Around 80 Black Lives Matter protestors showed up to interrupt Katie, but thanks to State and University Police, the event went uninterrupted.

For their final act of the year, the inaugural Executive Board requested $700 from the University of Delaware to purchase ammunition from Cabela’s. The request was denied.

However, the Executive Board fought back, and forced the University’s hand through their own capital funds request rules. The University issued SF2A a $500 check to Cabela’s for ammunition.

Today, there are three main chapters of Students for the Second Amendment.

The strongest remains to be the University of Delaware chapter. There are also chapters at Rowan University, Rutgers University, and Ramapo University.

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